Phil Callery

September 1999 saw the release of a stunning new album "From The Edge of Memory" by Phil Callery & The Long Wave Band. This is the first solo album from Phil Callery who is probably best known for his work with The Voice Squad. The album contains 13 tracks including, The Bonny Blue Eyed Lassie, Annan Waters, The Green Linnet and Stolen Child. For this album Phil is joined by "The Long Wave Band" featuring some of Ireland's finest musicians such as Niall O'Callanáín on Bouzouki, Kevin Murphy on Cello, Colm McCaughey on fiddle, Jimmy Faulkner on guitar and Belinda Morris on oboe and saxophone. The album will be released in North America early next year.

Phil Callery began his singing career in the Dublin Folk Clubs scene in the late sixties. He went on to found the first "Singers Club" in Dublin in 1970, which he modeled on Ewan MacColl's famous "Listeners Club" in London. The "Singers Club" provided a platform in the early seventies for such names as Dolores Keane, Triona and Maighread Ní Dhomhnaill, Mary Black, Christy Moore, Luka Bloom, Paul Brady and many more. The "Singers Club" was a forerunner to the "Goilin" Traditional Singers Club, currently running in its 21st year. Phil has guested on several albums to date, Sinead O'Connor, Christy Hennessey, Jimmy McCarthy, to name but a few. He has toured extensively in Europe with 'The Voice Squad' and successfully toured Canada and the USA in 1995.

"Phil Callery's voice has great resonance and emotional range, but it also excerises control, it exudes tact, seriousness, and integrity. His style of singing plays with ideas of suggestiveness and simplicity, letting nuanced melancholy of the lines and the tragic inevitability of the stories speak for themselves, using arrangements which are imaginative and unobtrusive and subtly haunting. There is sense of mastering and technical perfection here, a talent at the height of its powers, which means will certainly become a classic recording.."
Colm Tobin, Writer

The Long Wave Band
Niall Ó'Callanáín is an acknowledged master of the bouzouki, adapted to Irish traditional music. Well known as a member of 'Deiseal' and 'Maire Breathnach's Band', he is a tasteful and sensitive player.
Kevin Murphy is a cellist who has played an amazing variety of music from classical to rock. His playing, whether counter-melody, or driving rhythm, is an essential part of the band.
Colm McCaughey is an accomplished and popular fiddle player with two Dublin bands, 'The Cajun Kings' and 'Interference'. His music touches on Jazz, Cajun, and Rock. He also has a very sensitive feel for traditional music and song in his playing.
Jimmy Faulkner has been playing guitar all his life and could be described as a legend in his own right.
Belinda Morris is a member of the well-known Dublin band 'Hada To Hada'. Her oboe and saxophone playing contribute a unique sound to the band.
Phil's daughters Sarah and Rosa, make a very special contribution with vocal harmonies, and add an extra dimension to the band.