Out Of The Air

Davy Spillane Band


Following the success of Davy's first solo album 'Atlantic Bridge', Davy put together a touring band which included some of Ireland's finest session musicians. Davy along with Anthony Drennan on Guitar, James Delaney on keyboards, Tony Molloy on bass, Paul Moran on drums and percussion started an intensive touring schedule to support the release of the Atlantic Bridge album.

During their first UK tour they came to the attention of the BBC's Andy Kershaw, who brought Davy and Band into the BBC studios to record some tracks for his show on Radio 1. Although there was no live audience for this session the recordings were made in a 'live' context which gave a completely new life and energy to Davy's works.

As the months passed the creative side of the band developed towards a more 'rock' direction and with the successful blend of styles and musicians that featured on the 'Atlantic Bridge' it was suggested by producer PJ Curtis that Rory Gallagher should guest on some recordings with Davy's band. Suggestion became a reality and from the recording session that followed Davy's music continued to break new ground.

Out Of The Air is the combination of the above sessions with the added bonus of a re-recorded version of the track 'Mystic Seacliffs' which was originally recorded by Bill Whelan, with Davy, as the theme music for the 1988 Eurovision song contest in Dublin