Rita Connolly

Rita Connolly


Rita Connolly is the first solo album from an artist who is widely regarded as one of |Ireland's foremost Singers. The Rita Connolly album, was released in 1991. and served to underscore her ability to cross musical borders effortlessly, on it she includes songs ranging from a sea shanty, through The Beatles to classic blues linking them all together by the simplicity and purity with which she sings." The Vocal and instrumental accompaniment - from such luminaries as Liam O'Flynn, Davey Spillane, Mairtin O'Connor, The Voice Squad, Noel Eccles and Eoghan O'Neill - certainly strengthens and enriches this recording. While a truly great singer like Connolly could doubtless rise above uninspired accompaniment, when she's joined by Ireland's finest, well, it's simply the difference between a good album and a fantastic one."

Rita ConnollyRita first gained international recognition, in 1985, with her interpretation of Granuaile, which was specially written for her by Shaun. She has performed the work extensively both in Ireland and abroad, the film of its British premiere in Greenwich has been shown worldwide. In 1987 she toured Britain with the RTE concert orchestra performing excerpts from Granuaile, the highlight being a sold-out show in London's Albert Hall. Rita is also featured on two of Shaun Davey's other major works The Pilgrim and The Relief of Derry Symphony'.


Rita Connolly, her first CD, starts off strong with "Venezuela," a wonderful rendition of a sea chantey that is reminiscent of Meg Davis. She follows this with a fun and exciting work by cohort Shaun Davey, "Miracles." Two more traditional work songs follow: "Factory Girl" and "Same Old Man," with some wonderful harmonies. It's hard for the rest of the album to live up to this incredible start, but there is a terrific middle-eastern sounding piece called "Alice in Jericho" and a beautiful closing lullaby called "Close Your Eyes."
Jo Morrison - The Green Man Review

"On her first solo recording, Rita Connolly has shown herself to be a skillful producer/arranger, an adept lyricist, and a soulful interpreter of songs. But at the end of the it all comes down to: The Voive. Hers is alternatingly commanding, caressing, revealing, soothing... but always magnificent."