Jigs, Reels & Rock n' Roll

Frankie Gavin & De Dannan


Frankie Gavin is one of the genuine legends of Irish music. From his first TV appearance at the age of seven, through sixteen albums with the seminal Dé Dannan, seven solo albums, his adventures in the realms of Jazz and Gospel, to appearances and recordings with such luminaries as Earl Scruggs, Stephane Grapelli, Sir Yehudi Menuhin, and The Rolling Stones, ‘the prince of Irish fiddlers' is one of the outstanding performers of the past thirty years. In recent years Frankie and his band have played support to the Rolling Stones at Slane Castle, performed with the U.A.E. Philharmonic and Dublin Philharmonic Orchestras during a tour of the USA. Frankie has also performed at The White House, on two separate occasions for President Bush and President Obama.

Frankie Gavin & De Dannan 2011Since 2009 Frankie Gavin has been back on the road and with new De Dannan members. The current line-up being Frankie (Fiddle/Flute/Whistles), Damien Mullane (Accordian), Eric Cunningham (Percussion/Flutes/Whistles), Mike Galvin (Bouzouki/Guitar) and Michelle Lally (Vocals). The reaction the band has received on numerous tours of the US and Ireland has been fantastic with standing ovations being a regular occurrence. The band have now released a new recording ‘Jigs, Reels & Rock n’ Roll’ on the Tara Music Label. The album contains fifteen tracks of classic De Dannan music including musical pieces more commonly associated with the like of the Beatles, Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood, who plays guitar on his and Rod Stewart’s track Gasoline Ally. Along with the very best of Irish Traditional music, Michelle Lally provides the haunting vocals on tracks including ‘If You Love Me’ and ‘Heartbreak Pier’ amongst others.

"This is the best incarnation of 'De Dannan' I have ever witnessed and I believe I have seen and heard all the line ups over the years...sensational."
Rob Fabroni, August 2010 (Producer of The Last Waltz)

'Electrifying' is an adjective that's too often used to describe certain performances but this is one instance where it's absolutely unavoidable. If you've never been lucky enough to see Frankie Gavin perform live, prepare to be... shocked.