Best Of Irish Ballads

John Aherne


  1. The Hot Asphalt
  2. Grá Mo Chroí
  3. Little Ball of Yarn
  4. Avondale
  5. Spancel Hill
  6. The Lark in the Morning
  7. Follow Me Up To Carlow
  8. Fiddler's Green
  9. Bodenstown Churchyard
  10. Master McGrath
  11. Seán Ó Duibhir A'Gleanna
  12. Many Young Men of Twenty
  13. The Stranger

Sleeve Notes

Recorded By: John Aherne & The Jolly Beggermen
Produced By: Jerry Hughes
Additional Musicians
Des Moore - Bass.
Eamon Campbell - Tenor Banjo.

John Aherne is a native of West Limerick, and over the years he has established a fine reputation as a ballad singer and "character". On this CD we have endeavoured to capture the enthusiasm, gutsy singing, and spontaneity which emanates from this man on the stage. John gives us a very representative cross-section of the worlds of balladry. There are old songs and new. Two of the songs, Grá MO Chroí and Spancel Hill belong to the dream category, a type very popular in the nineteenth century ballad sheets. Master McGrath celebrates the famous greyhound who won the Waterloo Cup for Ireland in 1869. There is one song in the Irish language, Seán Ó Duibhir A'Gleanna, one of our great tragic songs, lamenting the passing of the Gaelic way of life. Fiddler's Green is a new song about an old fisherman.

Good listening and join in the choruses