Rain of Light

Máirtín O'Connor


  1. The Big Smoke
  2. The Emigrant
  3. The Corribean
  4. The Snake
  5. The Shape of things to Come Reels;
  6. Trip to Bright City / Farewell to the Land
  7. Rain of Light Fireworks Suite St. Patrick's Dream
    8. Emcee Squared Dance
    9. Montserrat
    10. Finale (Rain of Light Reel)

Sleeve Notes

I'm extremely fortunate to have worked on this project with such an exquisite team of musicians who facilitated and fell into the music so wonderfully.
Kenneth Edge
- Saxophones and Clarinet tracks 1,2,3,5,7.
Garry O'Briain - Keyboards and Mandocello tracks 1,2,3,4,6,7
Séamus O'Dowd - Guitar and Tiplè, tracks 1,3,4,5,6,7
Cathal Hayden - Fiddle and Banjo tracks 1,2,7
Danny Byrt - Percussion (including bellydancer's headdress) tracks 1,2,3,4,7
Jimmy Higgins - Percussion track 6
Máirtín O'Connor - accordion

A few months ago, I got a phone call from Dominic Campbell, artistic director with St. Patrick's Festival in Dublin, asking me to compose some music for the St. Patrick's Festival fireworks display. Needless to say, I found this a wonderful challenge. My instrument has taken me to many interesting places, geographically and musically over the years, but this was something entirely different for me.
Having looked at the portfolio of the group F fireworks team, featuring their work around the world, I was stunned by the beauty, grandeur and complexity of their displays, and the work of their artistic director, Christophe Berthonneau.
My musical response to this is the Rain of Light Fireworks Suite. The piece entitled The Snake (legend has it that St. Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland) was to be part of the Suite, but time did not allow for its inclusion without topping and tailing it.
Of course, if you top and tail a snake there's not much left, so The Snake remains intact and alive and well, safely outside the Suite. The other pieces on this CD I've wanted to record for a while, and feel that they match the spirit of the occasion.
Máirtín O'Connor

Huge thank you to all involved in this recording.
Special thanks to Dominic Campbell, Milo for more fish, Kevin for the video, Brendan O'Regan, Mary Ralph, Gerry Reilly, Richard Brennan, Conor and Susan Newman.

Dedicated to my parents Tom and Kathleen, brother Tom, sisters Marian and Kitt, my wife Sietske and children Trudy, Tom, Sinéad and Ciara.

Thanks to Saltarelle

Thanks to St. Patrick's Festival office for the Photos

The Emigrant is dedicated to all emigrants wherever they may be.

Thanks be to God for every goodness and blessing in my life.

All tracks composed by Máirtín O'Connor.
Engineered and mixed by Kenny Ralph, Sun Street Studios, Tuam.
Mastered at Mid Atlantic Digital, Enniskillen, by Robyn Robbins,
Brass arrangements by Kenneth Edge.
Cover Design by Johan Hofsteenge
Produced by Máirtín O'Connor